psd underwear fragrance

Sep 28, 2022


PSD fragrance is a high-end independent fragrance brand created by "PSD" Underwear in order to comprehensively position its products. Its products are mainly sold in China. As an independent brand "PSD" fragrance has boldly entered the fragrance industry, which is another upgrade to the PSD Underwear brand.
The exclusive agent/owner of "PSD Underwear fragrance" in mainland China is company, with 100% usage rights! PSD Underwear perfume However, show-lingerie is not ready to continue selling PSD fragrance on for a long time, only for a short time!
This moment, PSD fragrances will be sold in mainland China. First, it will be distributed. In the later stage, the characteristics of family domain names will be followed, use or will be used to fragrance and sell PSD fragrance products.
Primarily selling high-end fragrances,Cosmetics and beauty in PSD, this acquisition accelerates's efforts to enhance its high-end consumer product portfolio and strengthen its position in globalization.

PSD Underwear, and PSD Underwear fragrance
new recipe, just for sports

PSD underwear fragrance / Eau de Toilette Declaration

Sports and daily wear, underwear needs a fragrant smell!

PSD Underwear fragrance Cheetah Eau de Toilette

PSD eponymous classic men's eau de toilette EDT 100ml

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