Who would have thought that after twenty years, she would become the most fashionable again?

Nov 3, 2021

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"Fashion is a reincarnation" is basically a trend law that everyone knows. Recently, "Y2K fashion", which has been chased by generation Z young people on Instagram and TikTok, once again confirms this point.

On TikTok, many bloggers participated in a challenge called "If I were a pop star in the 2000s, what would I wear".

They imagined themselves as pop stars in the early 21st century, respectively interpreting how the big stars of that period dressed in different scenes such as "show rehearsal", "roadside autographs", "dodge paparazzi", and "show on stage". Is a women's clothing company that sells fast fashion, and it has been 13 years, Therefore must have noticed the changing pattern of fashion on social networking sites early! has made great adjustments in the selection of products in the previous 2020. Attentive people may have noticed, including that the price is still cheaper and more suitable for boutique wholesale.
The speed of this fashion will change so fast

Regardless of the background, their Y2K outfits-cropped trousers, flared pants, Juicy Couture suits-are perfectly reproduced in the beginning of this century. Spears (Britney Spears), Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) and other pop queens dominate the time.

Of course, this is not just the self-confidence of social media. In the fashion week show, we can also glimpse the resurgence of this classic style from various details.

Blumarine Resort 2022

Let us first briefly introduce what is "Y2K Fashion".

Y2K is a synthetic vocabulary: Y = Year, 2 = 2, K = Kilo, representing the millennium year-2000. "Y2K Fashion", as the name suggests, represents the fashion and trend of the beginning of the 21st century.

Entering the millennium, people are full of longing and yearning for the future. At that time, the Internet had just emerged, and everyone was very interested in technology, so "Y2K Fashion" with a sense of technology as its core and a distinctive style came into being.

Christian Dior Spring 2003 Ready-to-Wear

The pop queens of the beginning of the century-Destiny's Child, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and the classic fashionable characters on the movie screen-Elle Woods in "The Winx Club" and Regina George in "Mean Girls" have all become The definition of "Y2K Fashion".

Stills from "Legally Blonde", 2001

This style of publicity is actually amazing. People who don’t love it will find it tacky, but those who love it will love it very much.

For example, Miss Paris Hilton, she not only led this trend twenty years ago, but no matter how the trend changes in the past two decades, she has always adhered to this style and truly combined the "Y2K Fashion" and "Paris Hilton" The name merges into one.

"The 2000s were an iconic and interesting era for the fashion industry. No one has a stylist, everyone has their own style. Now, everyone looks the same."

—— Paris Hilton

So, how should we in the 1920s replicate a "Y2K Fashion" that is more in line with the context of the current era? You may try to start with the following keywords.

#1 Hot Pink

Stills from "Mean Grils", 2004

Highly saturated colors are the iconic elements of Y2K, and this also affects the dressing choices of people in the millennium.

Completely different from the low-saturation "Morandi Color Series" popular in previous years, "Y2K Fashion" has a bold and unassuming choice of colors. Especially bright pink has become a favorite of fashion ICONs.

Kim Kardashian (right)

Imitating the classic look in "The Legally Pretty Lady" (left)

ICONs with a keen sense of fashion have brought this trend back in the past two years. For example, Lady Gaga used bright pink in her single "Stupid Love" MV to bring Y2K's unique psychedelic, retro and futuristic sense to the 2020s.

Lady Gaga "Stupid Love"

The resurgence of fluorescent colors is not only reflected in the choice of clothing colors, but loyal fans of "Y2K Fashion" will also reflect fluorescent colors in their makeup and hair.

#2 Midriff-baring

As the last pop star of the 20th century, Britney Spears' outfits can be said to have become the vane of the early century. And when you open her wardrobe, you will find that the navel dress of "short top + low-rise pants" is her hallmark.

Now, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, the It girls who have led the "Y2K Fashion" to re-sweep the fashion circle... countless times have re-engraved this classic dress into their daily lives.

#3 Matrix-style Sunglasses

If you want to reproduce "Y2K Fashion", now that you have a clear idea of how to choose the style and color of clothes, then there is only the last step-accessories.

Sunglasses have always been the finishing touch to perfect fashion styling, and for Y2K style, a pair of sunglasses full of futuristic technology is essential.

Different from the popular sunglasses styles nowadays, gradient colors, curved lenses, and frameless are the characteristics of the sunglasses styles popular in the early century.

Why can the Y2K style be able to re-emerge after twenty years? The cycle of fashion may be just one explanation.

In the global pandemic environment, we have gone through more than a year of isolation, and comfortable home clothes have become the most fashionable items that accompany us daily. After wearing sports pants and sneakers for more than a year, who doesn’t want to return to this What about the most dazzling and most ostentatious era of self-expression in the first decade of the century?

The year under the epidemic has given all of us the opportunity to be ourselves and figure out what we like and what we don’t like.

As Paris Hilton said, many people are tired of the same style, and there are also many people who have lost themselves under the influence of "trends." Compared with "always fashionable", "find yourself and persevere" is actually more difficult, and this may be the direction that each of us should strive for.

In that era of crazy expression, you can see blouses decorated with feathers and blingbling beads, flared jeans hanging low between the hips, and exaggerated wide belts...

Perhaps the reason why the Y2K style has returned so enthusiastically now is a very simple fact: everyone can find the pleasure of expressing themselves in "Y2K Fashion".

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