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[ Mar 21th ]How to get a N95 mask

To : People Who Need Masks,

As the epidemic situation in many countries is further aggravating, we are adjusting our gift standards at once to try to meet the needs of many people.
Due to the shortage of mask resources!
www.show-lingerie.com adds 2 bonus standards to the previous release on March 8, 2020 Give away standard,

1, Free 2pcs KN95 for orders over $ 200;
2, Free 5pcs KN95 for orders over $ 300;
3, Free 10pcs KN95 for orders over $ 500;
4, Free 50pcs KN95 for orders over $ 1000;
5, Free 120pcs KN95 for orders over $ 2000;

Similarly, our discount policy has not been cancelled.
More than $ 500
Use Masks Or Discounts, Only choose 1 kind!

Let those who want to wear a mask,
Own a mask!
We suggest:
If you have a more mask, we do not recommend you to submit an order and continue to choose “Give away N95”, we still recommend that you choose a discount,
Of course, If you are temporarily unable to purchase a mask, we want you to choose "gift masks" instead of discounts,

Use choose Masks Or Discounts, Only choose 1 kind!

We appeal: If you have enough masks, please give them to others to make human beings safer and the world warmer!

If you just need a mask and do n’t need to buy another product,
We set up a separate purchase window,
USD13.4 Buy 5pcs KN95.

Click on the picture

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